OPENING CHAPTER Introduction to Research & Research Methodology Comparison between Quantitative and Qualitative Research Research Problem &Research Objectives Conducting Literature Review Research Referencing QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Quantitative Research Design Validity and Reliability Correlational Research Design Survey Research Design Causal-Comparative Research Design Basic Experimental Research Design Advanced Experimental Research Design Quasi-Experimental Research Design Evaluative Research Design Action... Continue Reading →



អនុគមន៍ដឺក្រេទី២ មានរាងទូទៅគឺ៖ y=f(x)=ax2+bx+c ដែល a, b និង c ជាមេគុណ ហើយ a=0។អនុគមន៍នេះ មានក្រាប ឬក្រាហ្វិកតាងអនុគមន៍ជារាងប៉ារាបូលដូចរូបខាងក្រោម។

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